The first Tinny

Today was probably one of the most uneventful days so far. We cycled a fairly long way to Mount Larcom were we stopped at another rest area, this one even closer to the road and rail tracks, fairly noisy.

It is located opposite Dan Kelly’s Royal Hotel. Well I suppose that is not strictly true it is located opposite Mt Larcome Cafe and Collectables which is for sale should anyone be interested in making a purchase. And diagonally opposite to the hotel. I am not to sure what makes it royal maybe they showed the wedding on the big screen. I popped into the hotel (pub) and got two Victoria Bitters to take away. We had these with our dinner. From the brief time I was in the pub I noticed that it was very well lit, and out of the three people in there, two said hello.

Apart from this not much else has happened. We quickly passed through Rockhampton picking up a bit of shopping on the way. There were a few oversized loads with police escorts, not sure what they were carrying. I am also unsure of the requirement for a police escort or just a yellow flashing light, on top of a car driving in front, I think it is fairly random maybe the general rule of the bigger the load the more police and flashing lights you need.

As I write this I am sitting under the shelter pictured. Its about 8pm and I have noticed how there seem to be a lot more lorries on the road at night time than during the day. No scientific research has been carried out to back up that statement and interestingly there seem to be very few Automatic Traffic Counters (ATCs) on the road. So I wonder if anyone knows the real facts! Or just traffic flows.

As you can tell I am quite sleepy so this is the end of this post!

One thought on “The first Tinny

  1. Pete

    Jack I can safely say sat here in the office at lunchtime I know where I would rather be. As a cyclist myself I wouldn’t want to avoid an obvious cyclists question – is your saddle comfortable and have you taken plenty of chamois cream? Great site and keep your wheels turning.


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