Gladstone and 35 km south of Miriam Vale

I had a day off writing. Yesterday we had a short days cycle ride into Gladstone we arranged through Couchsurfing to stay with somebody there. We arrived fairly early and set about cleaning ourselves and our stuff.

After this our host very kindly took us out to dinner we went to an Irish Pub which was fairly big. Although I have not be travelling that long it was fairly overwhelming to go in there. There just seemed to be a lot of people all in one place and the music was loud.

The food was excellent and I really enjoyed eating something a bit different to the rice or pasta that we normally have.

After dinner we went for a drive around Gladstone taking in the industrial sights. There is a lot of aluminium refining which goes on and also a lot of coal that gets shipped out. Tour was interesting and it was good to see quite a lot of one of the cities we normally pass through. Our host knew a lot about the industry.

The car we drove around in was a Land Cruiser, confirming that there are a lot around. Our host also had one in his garage that he was doing some work on, he said that it had done about 400,000kms.

Today was a fairly none eventful day of cycling, there were some nice downhills which almost but never quite make up for the uphills!

We got to our rest stop fairly early, which is always nice.

I have not noticed many VW camper vans on the roads at all. I always thought I would see a lot of them but there have been relatively few, maybe 4 at most.

One thought on “Gladstone and 35 km south of Miriam Vale

  1. Michelle Alldread

    Is this your normal view Jack – bringing up the rear while admiring Cliff’s arse!

    Liking the couchsurfing – sounds like you did well with your host – dinner and a guided tour chucked it.

    Hopefully, the weather has finally broken here otherwise the garden is going to turn to desert!

    Went to a crazy British village event thing last weekend – lots of scarecrows scattered about, a steam engine, craft fair and good old vintage cars – tractors too but no orange Beetle – they don’t know what they are missing. We have the latest White Stuff catalogue – must check for him in there.

    You eaten a Golden Gaytime icecream lolly (or icepole as the Aussie’s call them) thing yet – if not get too it – Jaffas are good too – you will them with the lollies (sweets to you and me).

    Well off to eat the pear and almond cake I just baked

    Keep smiling and pedelling – I am sure you are nearly there


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