Hot Bitumen Delays

Today was a fairly short ride which was good after yesterdays longer one.

A few eventful things happened on the ride, there were some roadworks were we had to stop for quite a bit of time. As we were passing the stop/slow board man said watch out for the hot bitumen which we did. But it felt like we were riding over hot coals.

We later arrived at another stop/slow board with the guy standing on the opposite side of the road. I stopped as it said stop on the board. It was for traffic on the otherside of the road, so we carried on, after a short standstill.

Our efficient riding and fairly short rest times allowed us to get to the rest area at Gin Gin around lunch time. Well mainly this was down to the fact that we didn’t have to cycle that far.

Cliff lost the heads or tails game which meant that he had the pleasure of cycling into Gin Gin for supplies. He did well finding a supermarket and getting 1kg of top quality bacon for a bargain price.

We cooked lunch which was a strange mix of rice bacon cheese and creamed corn it was good until the bacon mountain took its toll.

The nights are drawing in and when the sun goes down you can feel the chill in the air. As people have said it will get colder as you head south.

There is not much left to do today accept cook dinner and sleep.

So I shall end this here. There we lots of oversized vehicles on the roads some where ridiculously big like the back of a dumper truck they must use for coal mining. Dumper truck might not be the right word.

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