When it rains

When it rains it pours, I think that’s something people say. Today it we were woken by the rain. Very heavy rain fall.

We quickly packed our stuff into our waterproof bags, and rushed over to the shelter, that was conveniently close to where we camped. We got into all our waterproof gear and after a bit of wishing we didn’t have to left.

Despite the rain the cycling went fairly well and we seemed to have an average speed of 40kmph. Cliff cycle computer did not confirm this, I think might have got a little wet.

We stop in Childers for a supermarket shop, Kanga Bangers for dinner tonight. A strange couple started talking to me, asking what we were going to do with the bikes when we got to Sydney. They thought it would be cheaper to chuck them away and buy new ones in Japan rather than fly over with them. They have either been stung by excess baggage charges before, or don’t know how much we spent on our bikes.

We bumped into a couple of cycle tourers who were just starting out on a world tour, they looked happy despite the rain, we also passed another who didn’t look so happy.

After Childers which seemed like a nice town with a fair bit going on we cycled on. As there were no rest areas placed within cycling distance we have chosen to wild camp outside a small village maybe town we haven’t been there yet so who knows, but it is called Howard.

I haven’t mentioned the stars here at all but when your out of the town they are lots of them and they are pretty bright, you can normally see the milky way.

Well these Kanga Bangers won’t cook and eat themselves.

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