30kms North of Gympie

Today we awoke to a bit of rain but the sky promised better things.

We packed away our wild camp and headed on to Maryborough, this was a bit off the highway and the winds and hills were increasing but the sun was out that meant we could dry out a bit.

In Maryborough we headed to the supermarket Foodworks. We went to fill up the petrol for the stove at a BP garage but the man was very insistent that we couldn’t and that he would turn off the pumps if we tried. A colleague of his looked at the container and said that it would probably be okay but that he would prefer it if we didn’t fill up, so we headed on and found the Ned Kelly filling station they were fine with the container, just a little confused at the 85 cents it cost to fill up. Its not very big and petrol is not very expensive.

We headed on brought a roadside avocado for lunch eaten in a nice park behind the tourist information in Tiaro We headed on to our rest stop, passing through some lovely scenery. The landscape seemed to open up more giving some good views. We had a woodfired BBQ to cook some kangaroo steaks which tasted pretty much like normal steaks, but were good.

I am now sitting down, with a nice cup of tea and probable the best Gingernuts in the world. They are the cheapest ones from Woolworths but they are perfect not too hard not too soft and with a touch of cinnamon which is a pleasant surprise, in each bite I cannot recommend them more.

Its getting colder so its bed time.

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