Goodbye Bruce

This morning there were a lot of chatty campers. 1. A man with a 44 second world war army jeep who was camping with his swag, this seemed to be a big bag he slept in. 2. A man who had a caravan who also had a trucking business with 10 trucks. He was telling us about the high paying job opportunities in the west. Said they paid very well $4,000 a week, I think these were jobs in mines. He was going to do some metal detecting. 3. A man originally from Finland who had spent most of his life in Australia. He travelled around selling things at markets.

It was good to talk to these people, but they did seem very chatty and it did delay us a little but not to much.

As the road we are on turns into a motorway we have turned off the Bruce Highway.

A few kms before turning off I got our first puncture a goodbye present from the highway. It didn’t take too long to fix it, but my rear tyre is not looking that good, it has warn a lot and the rubber is coming away from the part under the rubber. I might look into getting a new tyre in Brisbane.

It was good getting off the highway and heading onto some quite back roads, some leading passed some nice residential housing. There were good views over the hills and mountains.

We cycled on to Eumundi which is a craft market historic town. It seems to be a strange place. They put knitting around the trees. But it has a nice feel to it.

We met a performing artist who chatted and told us a lot about the town and the surrounding area.

We saw a train PN005 today we have seen this one already it was good to see the train again as it had been a few days since we had seen one.

Its getting late so best to bed.

Oh I forgot to mention the ‘Golden Gaytime’ it was probably the coldest it has been on the trip so far so we decided to by an Ice Cream called ‘Golden Gaytime’ we got one each from a very small petrol station that didn’t seem to have any lights on at all it was very dark. Its hard to describe the ice cream, so you will just have to guess what it is like, for maybe google it.

One thought on “Goodbye Bruce

  1. Hayley Bourne

    erm… Jackadee you seem to be sporting an animal on your face! what’s with the beard? at least you are embracing the travelling experience! loving the updates and hope you’re well, enjoy getting your lips around those gaytimes hehe xxx


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