Beach Bikes

After a night camping in an overflow car park we awoke to very damp tents due to mist and dew.

We quickly took down our tents and headed to the park to cook breakfast hot muesli and coffee and dry out or stuff.

We hit the road, for some strange reason we seemed to think that it might be possible to cycle on the sunshine motorway, alas we couldn’t so we went on a few gravel roads and winded our way along.

After a while we hit a coastal road apart from the ups this was good. We saw people surfing, and jumping fish why do they jump? We also stocked up at Aldi, it was not as cheap as we were hoping but not too bad. I suggested lunch in Aldi car park but Cliff thought the beach would be nicer, I saw sense and headed to the beech. It was a good lunch spot, but it was hard to get the bikes out of the sand and over a little dune.

We headed on past a lot of shops that seemed to sell anything you could need, ever. The shops just seemed to line the roads for miles and miles.

We stopped at a rest stop thinking about staying there but it was fairly parked up with what seemed to be commuters. The toilets were also portaloo and not to nice.

We headed on to the rest stop in Landsborough which was much nicer. I am now enjoying a nice cup of after dinner tea before heading to bed.

One thought on “Beach Bikes

  1. Beth

    Totally beautiful, the beach not the bike, but thats pretty beautiful too I sure to anyone who knows their bikes!


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