Road to another truck stop

We woke up to the sound of lorries. After sleeping at the truck stop/rest area before heading off.

After about 15kms we left the highway and headed down some quiet roads to McLean along the river Clarence. McLean was a smallish town with a lot of scottish references well two a scottish shop and a recipe for haggis handing from a lamp post.

We headed to the spar to purchase a simple lunch. Bread and english style marmalade and two apples for desert.

We pressed on along some small roads until we reached the Lawrence ferry a chain ferry across the river. It operates 24/7 apart from a bit of time I think on tuesday when it is closed for maintenance. It is a free service, we had a brief discussion on whether or not it would be worth building a bridge or not, it soon ended. The ferry operates on a cable system.

The road continued in much the same way along the river until we go to the town/city of Grafton, at first this town didn’t seem too nice, this might have been because we were under the Aldi store, in the car park. After buying dinner we headed into the town centre it was a fairly good town from the brief ride through. Generally there seem to be a lot more independent stores than in england.

We rode on to another truck/rest area were we have had our dinner.

I forgot to mention earlier in the post that yesterday rest area was so called because of the fact that slightly to the south the direction we are cying there was a house with a lot of bee keeping equipment in the garden. And on that thrilling note I am going to call it a night! We also stopped another cyclist with a magpie helmet on.

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