We awoke earlier than normal as we wanted to go undetected, I am pretty sure quite a few people saw us but they didn’t seem to mind.

The surfers had beaten us to it and according to reports from Cliff were already in the water at 5:30. Coffee and breakfast over the surfers was good. The sunrise was not as good as the sunset, not really sure why this was.

I forgot to say that last night we could see the lighthouse we were at earlier in the day, across the bay.

Today was fairly uneventful in terms of cycling we headed back to highway 1, Bruce has now turned into the Pacific Highway. The oversized loads have got smaller, but apart from that much is the same.

On the way we stopped of at the New Italy Museum Complex. This was a very strange place, it was free its main attraction. The cafe looked fairly good, and the gift shop was reasonable priced. The rest of the museum was just full of stuff and lots of writing.

The very brief gist of the museum was that some Italians got conned into coming to Australia well in fact New Ireland which is East of New Guinea, by a French noble man Marquis de Rays who promised good land etc etc, the boat was rubbish the land was not good, a lot of them died and in the end they made it to New Italy where we were earlier.

After the museum we cycled onto a rest stop. The rest stop called Beekeepers, I am not sure why. The rest stop is basically a layby very close to the highway but separated by a small band of trees, there is a table under a shelter and a clean but rather smelly composting loo. This single loo was used by a coach load of children coming back from a sporting event. It took quite sometime for them all to get through.

We are now cooking dinner listening to the sound of passing trucks.

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