Today was spent riding south along the Hudson rivers east side. Breakfast which was formed mainly of bake sale goods and a bit of Oatmeal and coffee. Over breakfast we watch some american football training and people take the tables away from the park to another function. As we rode out of Cairo it looked like some kind of event was taking place in the town as the streets were closed off and there were a lot of stalls. In fact today we have past a lot of yard sales.

We arrived at are warmshowers hosts and had a good homemade pizza with lots of fresh vegetables which they had grown. We saw some wild turkeys flying in the garden as we were setup our tents.

We now only have two days cycling left and it all seems a little strange that everything is drawing to a close, cycling wise.

IMG00862-20110917-1326 IMG00863-20110917-1326 IMG00861-20110917-1325 IMG00860-20110917-1125 IMG00859-20110917-1125

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