Cairo Angelo Canna Town Park


We didn’t cycle due to rain, and having a good warmshowers host that let us stay another night! We spent part of the day cleaning a house our hosts were in the process of renovating.

It was good to be inside on a rainy day and know that everything was dry.


This morning was a lot brighter than yesterday and much better for cycling. It was a lovely ride to Cairo, nice rolling hills none to big a good tail wind and a bright but not too warm.

It was a really nice ride today through lovely countryside, it really feels like autumn now a lot cooler and the leaves on the trees have started to change colour.

Whilst we were cycling we saw a lot of the destruction that the hurricane that recently hit the NYC area. All the roads we travelled on were clear but there was lots of stuff that had been washed up by the floods.

A lot of the shops we cycled pasted were closed as they had been flooded, we found one that was open and got some lunch supplies. We have been carrying dinner supplies for quite sometime, but when we arrived in Cairo and found the park we were greeted by a democratic fund raising event. This was a chicken dinner. We got given a free meal which was very kind. It was half a chicken BBQed. It was done on a massive BBQ 500 chicken halfs in total. The most the BBQ people had ever done was 5500, two 150 foot BBQs. The chicken tasted great and there was also a bake sale where we brought more stuff for a very reasonable price. When everyone was feed we got a second chicken dinner, and loads of left over bake sale goods. Too much food! But very kind. We set up our tents for possible the second to last time in the park. The police office is also the parks toilets so we checked in there, the policeman said it would be fine and that we didn’t look like we were going to kill anyone.

IMG00857-20110916-1528 IMG00855-20110916-1528 IMG00854-20110916-1359 IMG00852-20110916-1359 IMG00851-20110916-1122



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