This morning we went to see the Ross Creek Ciders. These were not quite as big as I was expecting but still they were pretty big.

We cycled on to Libby stopping at a very well maintained rest area with lots of shelters tables and grass, it would have made a great camping spot.

We are warmshowing again in Libby and our hosts recommended stopping off at Kootenia falls and swing bridge these were both very good with the swing bridge swinging a lot when we went on it.

We cycled on to our hosts and had a lovely dinner kindly prepared. The salad was good it is something that is very hard to carry around and it doesn’t keep well!

After dinner we headed to the Rodeo this was the first Rodeo I have ever been to it it was very interesting and entertaining. Lots happened fairly quickly so it was hard to tell at first what was going on but there was bull riding, cow catching and amongst other things a children’s boot race, one boot is left in the middle and you have to find it and run back to the start.

There where a lot of Rodeo rules so it was hard to tell a good bull rider from a bad one but it was a good night. So far america is treating us well.

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