From Evergreen to Famous Potato and then Montana


I didn’t write anything yesterday as there was no phone signal at the campsite and it wasn’t a very exciting. We left the bike hostel and said goodbye to the cyclist we met the day before going a similar way to us.

We met another cyclist going the other direction and we stopped for a little chat. He said that there were too Canadians a bit further ahead of us.

We carried on cycling it was still a little hill but it has flattened out a lot and after Ione we followed a river. We carried on until we got to a campground. This was on the river bank and more focused for RVs than tents but we found a grassy spot. At $16 it was pretty expensive but it was not the end of the world. Whilst we were paying the lady told us that we were in bear country and that we should keep all our food in the toilet. We did this.

The next day 28.7.11

Today we entered Idaho the potato state. This was the flatest day we have had so far we were on some nice roads that were very quiet. We had a bit of a long stretch on some gravel top road that was not very nice, but apart from that it was a good days ride.

We met with the Canadian cyclists that the other ride we met yesterday met up with and headed into Sandpoint. After that we went on to our warm showers hosts that live in an amazing house with great views. It is very comfortable and it was good talking with them.

The day after the 29.7.11 there still hasn’t been much phone signal or wifi around so this post just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Today we carried on along the route it was fairly flat as we were following a lake then a river. We met up with the Canadian cyclists again a couple of time on the road.

We stop and got some food and water, headed off again. We went off the route a little so that we can have a look at some big cedar trees tomorrow. Our first camping stop was abandoned due to not enough flat ground we found another spot, which seems to be okay. We think that you are allowed to camp anywhere in a National Forest. I have seen quite a few VW beetles in the states, but very few land cruisers.

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