Today we left our hosts after a good breakfast with good coffee. So far the coffee in america has been very good and there is lots of it everybody seems to drink it!

We rode out of the town with our host and started riding on a very nice quiet road, we got pasted by very few cars.

We stopped at Libby dam for a little bit this was created about 70 years ago and Rexford was moved as it was going to get flooded.

It was very hot today and there were a few more hills than we were expecting, but it was a good ride along the lake but at some points it got a little too hot.

Whilst having lunch we got attacked by flies, and lots of them. They just kept coming.

After lunch we continued on to our warm shower host in Rexford. We had a BBQ which was good and we heard a lot of stories about what he had done.

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