Going to the Sun Road and Cut Bank

3 August 2011

Today we woke early at 5am to ride up to Logan Pass. We got there without any fines and in good time. The ride was good and not as bad as we thought it would be it is the highest point on the whole trip.

A few people made the joke that its all downhill from here! We met another touring cyclist at the top he was carry a guitar with him, which he had found.

At the top we went on a walk in the snow in crocs not the best snow wear my feet got very cold. We saw a few mountain goats and a marmot or two. The snow was pretty deep and there were a few skiers and snow boarders which we saw. The walk was to the hidden lake overlook. There were quite a few people there and at the Logan Pass visitors Centre it was rammed. It was pretty crazy walking in the snow and the road was amazing too great views and not too steep.

We headed down the other side of the mountain and stayed at the campground in St Mary it was pretty dusty but the toilets were good and new. There were three other cyclists and a hiker at the hiker/biker part of the campsite it was good chatting with them, none of them had seen a bear in the park.

After cooking dinner and waiting till dusk about 10pm we headed to an astronomy talk, it was good and the stars were excellent, but I felt the talk was a bit to in depth for people who know nothing about the stars. We found out about the talk because at the top of Logan Pass we looked at the sun, this was pretty good you could lots of stuff I have now forgotten the name of.

4 August 2011

We headed out of the park towards Browning and there started heading east on highway 2. After Browning it started to get very flat and plain like. A bit like the fens but bigger! This is why montana is called big sky country.

The day was pretty much cycling we saw a few other people and we are now staying at an RV park in Cut Bank, (where the Rockies meet the plains).

The RV park is pretty good and has showers so it was good to have a wash. We are camping with one of the cyclists who we camped with yesterday.

I think the plains could become quite relentless, I hope not boring. A lot of people we met have either got a train or said it was very dull.

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