Avalanche Campground

Today we had an early start which was slightly but very nicely delayed by bumping into our warmshowers hosts and having a second breakfast and a lot of coffee.

Then I brought some bike gloves as I had lost mine somewhere along the way. Then we headed into Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park World Heritage Site. This was a nice ride until we got pulled over and fined for riding on the road. It is closed to bikes between 11am and 4pm we thought the ban was further along the road, but there was a sign though.

So we paid up and sat on a beach for a while, there were a lot of flies here.

At 4pm we left the beach and headed onto Avalanche were we got a space on the hiker biker site. There are two more bikers and two more hikers here as well.

The campsite is pretty basic and we seem to be miles from the toilets and waterpoint but it was only $5 so its okay.

We are just cooking dinner now before getting an early night as tomorrow we are riding the Going to the sun road, completed in 1932. The road has time restrictions on it as well.

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