Today we continued across the plains. You can see so far and not much happens. We passed through a small towns, that were not that interesting.

We are following highway 2 and alongside this is a railway. We have had a few hoots and waves from the drivers. The trains are pretty long. Well very long. Sometimes they have two engines at the front and one at the back. I am not sure if the one at the back does anything. If somebody knows I would be grateful if they could tell me.

Tonight we are camped in the park at Chester, there are signs in the toilet warning us when the sprinklers will come on, so I guess they welcome campers.

We are camping tonight with two other cyclists, one which we met earlier in Republic about a week ago and another that we met in Glacier National Park and who we camped with last night as well.

It is a nice evening and it has cooled of nicely which is good.

2 thoughts on “Chester

  1. third wheel -retired

    according to wiki long trains are only possible with additional engines in the ‘train’.
    the one at the back is powering the train but is controlled by the front engine.
    long trains in america can be up to 4000m long.
    the longest beard ever was 5.65m.
    keep chugging.


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