Today we cycled about 80 miles across the plains. You can see why Montana is called big sky country, there is a lot of sky and not much else. Towns appear out of no where then disappear again.

This amount of sky reminds me of a time in Holland when I spent a lot of time in a city and then I got a lift to Amsterdam and on the way there was a lot of sky.

We stopped and had lunch in a small town park carried on to Havre stopped at Wallmart before carrying on to Chinook, where we are camping at the Water Treatment Plant, there is a little park and a free warm shower. Its a pretty nice spot a local guided us here with a barking dog in the back of his pick up it looked like it might jump out at any time, luckily it didn’t.

We chatted a little with the guy who worked at the plant he was very friendly and turned of the sprinklers for us. The river where the water for the town is got from is the Milk River it looks pretty Milky. Lewis Clarke named the river because of its colour.

Its lovely warm evening tonight.

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