Today started with saying goodbye to our host as he headed to work and having breakfast in a cafe called Mary’s Place it was pretty good and bottomless coffee is always a plus.

We headed onwards into the headwind and ran until we got to Woodstock were we found a Fish and Chip shop, (english style), that offered all you can eat fish and chips so after 4 fish and two plates of chips we were pretty fully and headed out into the wind again. The rain had stopped. There was a lady from England who had moved out to Canada who we chatted with for a bit.

We got to Brantford and found our hosts house and after showering eat a great stir-fry, with a mystery sauce, we were later told what was in it but I have forgotten now I think it was tomato ketchup, sugar, vinegar and some other thing.

After dinner we sat around talking and a friend of our hosts came round. It was good to talk to everyone. The friend said that we were balls crazy and that we must have rocket legs!

My pictures have been a bit dull for the last few days this is because it has been rainy and dull, (weather not overall).

IMG00822-20110907-1625 IMG00824-20110907-1625

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