Arrived in Tokyo and the few days after.

Last night we arrived in Tokyo. It was hot and very sunny on the ride we must have drunk a lot of water and sports drinks. There was also a nice head wind which really hit when you went over any bridges.

On the way we stopped at a space museum. Which had a lot of information on the Japanese space program.

I forgot to mention that the last night in the tent was so hot that I tried to sleep outside which was a lot cooler but then the insects attached so it was inside the hot and airless tent for me!

We met up with Cliff’s father when we arrived parked the bikes showered and had dinner.

Yesterday was Cliff’s birthday and we went to Disneyworld. It was a good day, with the highlights being getting evacuated from the run away mine train, when it broke down. We had to cross over the track and go out of a back entrance. The buffet lunch was also good.

Today I am doing a bit of admin, washing research into the next leg of the trip and what to do for the next week or so in Tokyo.

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