Tokyo to Kyoto

II have spent the last few days in Tokyo. Doing admin and looking around. I found a good English book shop called Good Day Books. Here I trading in a book I brought for a dollar in the boarders closing down sale in Sydney and got 350 yen towards the other books I brought.

We have also booked our flights to the USA now. The original plan was to go to Portland but due to the flight pricing we have settled for Seattle as it was a lot cheaper and is far close. We plan to do the American Adventure Cycle route the Northern Tier, and end up in New York. Due to time we are going to have to use alternative maybe slightly faster than bikes transport to cover part of the distance in the time we have available.

I am currently on a bullet train (Shinkansen). The only way the front of the bullet train can be describe is ‘Kick Ass’ if trains had fights I am pretty sure this one would beat all the other trains hands down. The ticket system is fairly strange but the ticket barriers are very good. I needed to put two tickets in at the same time and you can just place them on top of each other. The subway ticket machines are equally good and you can put the ticket it anyway and it seems to work.

I am going to Kyoto then heading to a small town called Uno so I can get the ferry to Naoshima which is known as an art island.

I am not sure what I am going to do in Kyoto but I hear there is lots to do.

This afternoon i went to the Manga Museum not because I like Manga I have never really looked at it before but mainly because i have not looked at it before! I also went to a design museum.

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