Unstoppable Spoiler Alert! And Knight and Day

The film was entertaining enough and had a few good shots of trains etc, and it was free to watch on the ferry. The plot was basic to say the least somebody was moving a train around in a yard jumped off it to chance a point but didn’t make it back on train picked up speed on the mainline and then after a while a new train driver and an old one played by Denzel reversed a train into the back of it, and tried to stop it didn’t really work then the new train driver jumped on a truck made it to the front of the train climbed on and stopped the train, so the name of the film was a lie.

The room we were sleeping in was not that full so it was an alright nights sleep.

The morning film was Knight and Day it was pretty bad so I am not going to review it.

Then it was bath time again before getting off the ferry after an all you can eat buffet curry lunch and salad. You couldn’t complain at the cost of the lunch and the amount of food but it was nothing to write home about, (which I guess in someway I am doing here).

We cycled about 15kms away from the ferry port and found a nice camping spot in a park near a lake this will leave about 100kms in Tokyo tomorrow. This is the last night camping in Japan. Our time cycling here has flown by.

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