Sunflower Ferry

After coffee we left our hosts house and went on our way back to the 7-11 for another bready breakfast.

We now headed on our way to the ferry port. It was very sunny and fairly hot but there was no wind until a head wind came from nowhere.

We found a supermarket to get provisions for the ferry journey it was over night and we wanted to buy some dinner and breakfast. The supermarket was in a shopping mall and there were a lot of people with what looked like small traffic cones shouting things into them. I think they were trying to get people to buy stuff. We brought nothing but food and then paid a visit to Mr doughnut or donut and had a doughnut or donut before heading to the ferry terminal. This was fairly well signed, although there was ferry port east, west and a few wharfs but it was fairly easy.

We got our ferry tickets with easy Cliff’s father kindly booked these for us and we wait for a tiny bit in a line of motorbikes and then we got ushered to the front of the line and wheeled our bikes onto the ferry.

We are sleeping in an economy room, this means that all the futons touch each other and there is not much room to move about, but it will do us fine.

Before the ferry left we had a Grand Bath, this is basically an Onsen on board the ship, it was pretty good and had windows out to sea, well the female one would, we looked back over the port.

After getting clean and changing out of our cycling clothes we started, on our dinner which was a bento box and some greasy treats!

We are going to go to the cinema soon to watch a film with Denzel Washinton and a train, the poster is in Japanese but Cliff thinks it is unstoppable. I might write a little review on my blog tomorrow.

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