Wilkesport Canada

I sleep very well last night and awoke to find the temperature had decreased a bit, in fact it was a little chilly. We headed of saying goodbye to our host, and headed to Marine City which is on a river and has a $1 ferry for bikes cars and other vehicles it just costs a dollar for bikes not sure how much it costs for other vehicles, into Canada.

Entering Canada was very laid back and did prove to be any problem. We check with a USA border guard and we should be able to get back in to the USA!

I forgot to say that before we came into Canada we went to a Sandwich/Coffee franchise shop I have forgotten the name off. I think it was Tim or Tom and then the surname began with H.

It got very Windy in Canada lucky not a head wind. We cycled on a bit but not that far to a village park with shelter but surprisingly few benches. We asked some people playing street Hockey if we could camp there and they said that nobody would care.

Within a few minutes a truck and trailer arrived loaded with benches. They had borrowed them for a party the night before. They also said that it would be fine to camp. We helped them unload, before cooking our dinner.


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