To Japan

Our time in Australia has come to an end. We awoke very early at 3:30 and got taken to the airport in the most for appropriate vehicle for the job a Toyota Land Cruiser.

We had a great week or so exploring the Sydney area and we have to say a big thank you to our friends and their family for letting us stay and driving us to the airport so early on a sunday morning. We arrived in good time and went to the check in desk no queues, when we did check in we got told that we had to have a flight booked out of Japan. This was a little awkies as we didn’t know when we would be leaving. This was no time to be chillbanging. We were very tired a confused. We looked online for flights etc this was just very confusing at 5am. In the end we ended up booking some expensive flights out of Japan. We got given a scrap of paper with a hard to read reference number on it. It wasn’t until our stop over in Cairns that we found out when the flight was booked for. We are hoping that we can easily ring jetstar from Japan and arrange a quick refund this is what we got told. If not we will be back in this fair land again! Cairns stop over area offers quite a lot of shops, but the food shops were fairly limited. We are now flying to Japan.

I really enjoyed my time in Australia, it is a great country with friendly generous people. I think it will take a few days to get back into the cycling routine, hopefully it will come back quickly! We also need to decided on a route in Japan.



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