The last few days in Sydney and around

Its hard to remember what I have been up to the last few days but I shall try and remember in some sort of rough order now, which will be just a random list of things I have done over the past few days.

One day was spent sorting stuff out, drying tents etc. Speaking very briefly about Japan, as with all good plans we have yet to make them.

We went to a beech called Dee Why beech and went swimming this was good fun in the waves and there were a lot of surfboards flying around, but they mainly kept out of the swimming part of the beach.

We eat a BBQ which was good.

We got a bus to Chatswood where we could get a train to central sydney got distracted by the shopping centre and Boarders bookshop closing down and the 10 books for $10 dollars deal. In the end we caught the train walked over the harbour bridge hung out at the opera house and walked around an area called the rocks. We then got a ferry to Manly this gave good views of the city, eat some fish and chips good but pretty small portion size, before getting a bus back to frenches forest. I just remembered that we also walked through the botanical gardens.

It is hard to describe, how I feel about Sydney it seems like a relaxed city. General like the rest of Australia which seems relaxed but yet still enthusiastic about things. This might just be because we are mainly speaking to people who are on holiday. I am not sure if Sydney was how I expected or not, I think this is because I was not sure what to expect.

We got a train to the blue mountains, so named because they look blueish because of the oils that come out of the trees and form a sort of mist. Katoomba is the name of the town we are staying in for a couple of days. Flying Fox is the name of the hostel. It has one of the coldest log burners I have ever experienced, it seems like the fire is sucking heat out of the room apart from this it is very nice.

We went on a walk around the three sisters three rockie cliffs. It raining quite a lot but this doesn’t really matter. I best get on with reading some of those books I brought! I am currently reading Sean and David’s long drive. It is not very good and I would not recommend it to anyone.

2 thoughts on “The last few days in Sydney and around

  1. Matt

    I’ve been to the Flying Fox before, Jack!

    I loved Katoomba and the Blue Mountains.

    Sounds like you’re having a great time – keep pedalling!

    1. Jack Post author


      That’s crazy what a small world! We are going to start cycling in Japan tomorrow, there are quite a few traffic lights, which might mean a lot of stop start.

      Take care


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