Made it

Yesterday evening we arrived wet and tired at our friends house in Sydney.

It seemed to rain all night and this didn’t ease up for much of the day. There were also some very high winds.

Now the day seems like a bit of a blur but we cycled over some hills to where we thought we could get a ferry to find the time table had been covered up with a notice saying that due to bad weather only some of the ferry route was running. This meant cycling back over the big hills to the road we had been on earlier and heading over some more hills.

In the end we got the ferry to Palm Beech where Home and Away is filmed. It wasn’t as sunny as on the show, I guess they weren’t filming today.

Despite the weather we past through some lovely places, Wagstaff seemed nice and had friendly general store staff.

We are now going spend a few days in Sydney and start planning the next leg of the trip.

The updates might be slightly less frequent for the next few days, but who knows.

One thought on “Made it

  1. third wheel -retired

    well done jack! looks like you had a pretty pretty trip.
    jealous am i.
    enjoyed your log.
    cant wait for the next chapter – Samurai Jack !


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