Today there was more head winds and a few ups and downs in the morning. Which made for a hard ride.

Around lunch time we stopped to buy petrol for the cooker and some other foods, but there wasn’t much on offer apart from and selection of tools. We grabbed a few snacks and headed to the bar in town and got some white russians and a burger and chips. After this the day was a bit of a blur with more head winds.

We carried on till we got to Pekin and headed to the bar, they only had disappointing beer but we had one anyway and got told there was no store in this town, which is more of a village. We were planning on cycling on a bit unless there was a shower in town, we got told there was one at the Prairie View Lodge that we could use for free. It was all pretty strange as the owners where there and thought we were staying and then one of the owners said we could have a shower we were all pretty tired and didn’t really know what was going on but it all worked out okay in the end and Cliff and Jesse got a lift to the store in a nearby town with somebody who is doing research into trees.

Who knows what will happen for the rest of the evening, I think this has been the strangest days cycling so far!

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