Last night it was humid and there were loads of mosquitoes.

Today’s ride was good, relatively flat and the majority of the miles with a good tail wind.

Not much happened until we got to Cooperstown where everybody seemed to say hello, and ask us a lot of questions. It was the most friendly town we had been to and seemed pretty busy in a good way.

We headed out of town a little way and came across the Minuteman missile silo site. There was a lot information about it all. There were about 1000 of these missile around america in the height of the Cold War. It was a pretty strange place in a way or the idea of it was pretty strange, the missiles were stupidly powerful.

After this little bit of sight seeing we head on to our destination for the night. Page, this town seemed to be very small but in fact had a lot of things going on a cinema, only open at the weekend, and currently being repaired maybe in time to watch big cat adventure this weekend but it was advertised as tentative.

Its surprising that a town this small can support a cinema but a lot of bigger towns in england don’t have cinemas.

The grocery store was well stocked and they unlocked the toilets at the baseball field where we can camp its pretty good but there are a lot of flies.

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