4 miles east of Little Rock

Today we cycled along the trail for most of the day we saw four other touring cyclists, and chatted to a few of them. Most of them were doing a similar route to us but in the opposite direction.

The trail was good to ride on, nice and flat and a very smooth surface. We turned off the trail to do a bit of shopping and then to carry on along county road 24 this road was good due to the nice tail wind.

We carried on cycling until we got to our stopping point for the night. Alice’s Attic this is a farm which mostly rented out but one bar has been converted into a venue and antique shop.

We all showered using a hose and Alice kindly feed before taking us on a tour of the farms in the nearby area. We saw some cows in stalls being milked, it was really interesting to see how milk is produced. The farmer had a stole attached to him so he could just sit down wherever and attach the milking machine.

After this farm we went to another with a milking parlour. The parlour looked a lot more advanced with the cows coming and going very quickly, this farm had 400 cows. We went round a few more farms, two which had elk, these were like stronger looking deer.

The farms mainly grow all the food for the cows, a lot of it is corn/maize and hay. The cows mainly stay inside but come out sometimes.

It was good to see these farms and kind of the farmers and Alice to show us around. Farming seems like a pretty intense job working pretty much all the time 7 days a week, a bit different from cycle touring.

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