We woke up in the barn, in the night there was a small storm which made us happy to be sleeping inside, even though it didn’t last long.

Coffee eggs and bacon for breakfast followed by a climb of a corn silo was what happened next! It was a great view from the top but a little scary climbing so high.

We set of fairly late and cycled about 45 miles a short day until we got to a bicycle bunk house, a bit like a youth hostel for cyclists. Its really nice and there is a solar power shower which cleaned us up nicely.

I forgot to mention that as we were cycling a long earlier in the day we saw a lot of parked cars and saw that a farm auction sale was going on. We stopped in but as there were a lot of tractors and other farm equipment felt there wasn’t anything there for us and headed on.

As we finished nice and early we did a bit of bike cleaning and general maintenance. So far my bike has been working really well, with very few problems apart from the odd puncture and my chain snapping which was easy fix if a little oily.

The owner of the bunk house chatted with us for a bit and help us plan our onward journey, and gave us lots of maps. He used to be a helicopter pilot and he said that he once fly home and landed behind the house.

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