So after coffee and granola we left the comfortable house and head off into the heat. Stopping a little down the road at the washwork to check our emails before heading off again.

There was a lot of climbing, we past a parking area for cross country skying.

The downhill was pretty nice and long. Whilst going down I thought it probable made up for the up hill but later on I thought it might be nicer if it was a little longer.

We stopped in a town park which also doubles up as a campsite. A lot of people we driving up and using the 50 cent shower. I am not really sure why maybe it was a really good shower.

We visited a massive wallmart in the next town. It was big and the food was cheap. It wasn’t very nice in there, although it wasn’t too bad really.

We carried on riding and ended up in Tonasket. We rode out of the town but did not find anywhere suitable riding back into the town, Cliff asked a lady watering some plants if she knew of anywhere to camp. She said that cyclists had be camping behind the information centre. So this is where we are for the night. It is pretty pleasant.

So far the mobile phone signal in america has been pretty bad, luckily there is free wifi all over the place.

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