Pelican Rapids Minnesota 10,000 lakes

I forgot to mention yesterday that Jesse brought a spork from the internet but in person. We used google maps to find an outdoor store but it was there online section, so we sort of just walked into there office and there were a lot of people at computers and a few things in a warehouse. It was a bit like being inside the internet.

Last night after trying and failing to drink the milk we went out for a beer and burger both were good. I am still impressed and surprised by beer in america. Then to the bike coop where our host volunteers. It was a good space with a lot of bikes.

Today we got up a lot later than normal and had a late breakfast/lunch I suppose this would be call brunch.

We set off at 1pm and managed to cover 60 miles by 6pm. Then things slowed down we did shopping slowly camped and now cooked fairly slowly.

The countryside changed a bit today it became more rolling hills and lakes rather than being just flat.

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