New Host and Domain Registration for

After the introductory offer I got from ipage when I was first setting up my website ended I have since changed my hosting and domain registrar.

I have moved the hosting to Hostgator Get some money off Host Gator by clicking on this link the main reason for this was price and some alright reviews I read online. I found that most reviews for hosts were mixed. Hostgator did a great job of transferring my site from ipage and got it up a running very quickly. The website seems to be running faster than when it was hosted on ipage.

My domain registration has transferred to Hover get some money off by following this link

Hopefully this will all work out okay! My next post will not contain any links for money off i promise!

I have also spent sometime setting up the plugin Postie which is great for emailing blog posts. This works great if you have limited internet access and quickly want to post something without using the wordpress app.

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