A short blog again because I am tired. We cycled a fair way on some good and some dirt roads, to Flint. A city which is meant to be dangerous, due maybe to a lot of unemployment. GM used to employ a lot of people here but they left.

We stop at KFC for lunch it wasn’t very nice, but the staff were friendly, and we thought we wanted fired chicken but it didn’t taste that good.

We carried our bikes into our warmshowers hosts house before eating some vegan tacos they were good. After we chatted for a while and our hosts father came round and chatted he was very interested in our trip and the experiences we had. He asked a lot of questions that I hadn’t really thought about. Like how are we going to deal with going back to “real life”. What are the reasons behind the trip and other similar things. It was really interesting to think about this and it was hard to answer some of the questions because there are lots of things I haven’t really thought about. I guess I have been enjoying the simple life of cycle touring.


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