This website was about my cycling trip. I took six months leave and am went on a bike ride in Australia, then Japan and the USA. After such a great experience cycling with Cliff in Germany for 10 days I thought I would try it for a bit longer.

So now after returning from my trip over five year ago I thought it was time to update my website. I plan to add a few more things to it and carry on with the loo roll section. Maybe I will write some more blogs sometime. I have moved all the blogs from my cycle trip to here Cycle Tour 2011 More general blog type thing can be found here blog. Latest blog posts are here:

Made it NYC. Not much to say good ride. All the riding is done now.
The second to last day cycling. Its nearly all over crazy. We had pancakes for breakfast an american sunday morning
Today was spent riding south along the Hudson rivers east side. Breakfast which was formed mainly of bake sale goods
14.9.11 We didn't cycle due to rain, and having a good warmshowers host that let us stay another night! We
Apart from a small climb up to our warmshowers hosts house we had a good day on the relative flat
13.9.11 Another day spent mainly. Cycling along the canal path. We met our warmshower host on the canal path and

The website is back JackEagle.Com is back.