Somewhere near Warleigh

So this is written the day after it happened. We got up fairly early and Cliff and Jo went for a run. They are training to run around the world. (Some of that might not be true.) After this we started the engine at 8, this is the earliest it can be started and it has to be turned of by 8.

We started driving the boat and heading west towards Bath. The first thing of note was the Avoncliff aqueduct. Well before this there was a swing bridge that is normally open but was closed as somebody was using it to get to the water works. We slowed down a bit and it was fine. After this we went on and over the Dundas Aqueduct made of Bath limestone. In the early 1980s the aqueduct was repaired with concrete and reopened in 1984.

After this there were a few swing bridges which are fairly easy to operate and then we found a nice bit of bank for our bacon and avocado sandwiches. After lunch we continued west to Bath and turned around just before bridge 188 Sydney Wharf Bridge.

After this we headed back east and stopped for the night in a very similar but not exactly the same place for the night.

We had a lovely nut roast prepared by Jo and Cliff. Before dinner we played trivial pursuits genus edition which Cliff and Jo got from the second chance charity shop. We won’t say who won. We had a few beers and whisky before bed. Oh we did play a bit of ligretto.

I forgot to mention earlier we filled up with water at the Dundas wharf which was just after the aqueduct.




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