This website was about my cycling trip. I took six months leave and am went on a bike ride in Australia, then Japan and the USA. After such a great experience cycling with Cliff in Germany for 10 days I thought I would try it for a bit longer.

So now after returning from my trip over five year ago I thought it was time to update my website. I plan to add a few more things to it and carry on with the loo roll section. Maybe I will write some more blogs sometime. I have moved all the blogs from my cycle trip to here Cycle Tour 2011 More general blog type thing can be found here blog. Latest blog posts are here:

So we made it here. The ride seemed fairly tough today well really yesterday as I am writing this on
Shortly after leaving the coop. We cycled through the forest. On some fairly smooth off road tracks. There were a
So today was spent mostly cycling along the coast into head wind. Lucky the family that arrived at about 9pm
In a Dundee weather spoons charging up with coffee and two power points. 
After lunch we headed back on the road. We were full and felt more like a nap. We were also
The curry was a bit warm when we finally got all our stuff into the sleep carriage, but it was

The website is back JackEagle.Com is back.