This website was about my cycling trip. I took six months leave and am went on a bike ride in Australia, then Japan and the USA. After such a great experience cycling with Cliff in Germany for 10 days I thought I would try it for a bit longer.

So now after returning from my trip over five year ago I thought it was time to update my website. I plan to add a few more things to it and carry on with the loo roll section. Maybe I will write some more blogs sometime. I have moved all the blogs from my cycle trip to here Cycle Tour 2011 More general blog type thing can be found here blog. Latest blog posts are here:

The park we stayed in last night was very comfortable with plugs and showers, cold and without a shower head
I haven't updated the blog for the last few days mainly because I have been cycling lots and been tired
Today we decided to upgrade and trade in our bikes for a 4x4 and horsebox caravan. With such a big
Today, well yesterday was a toughie, long it terms of the ride length 110kms and the heat. There was a
Today was the first day cycling. We left Cairns with our host and went to a few stores. Cliff got
For the last day before we started cycling we did something very touristy, but we felt that we should do

The website is back JackEagle.Com is back.