Today was a short days cycling into Milwaukee. We stopped of in a park on the edge of town for lunch there were loads of picnic benches there, we had lunch in picnic area 3b.

Navigating our way into Milwaukee was not to bad as we just stuck on one road that took us to Lake Michigan. We arranged the ferry crossing for tomorrow, it was pretty expensive, but hopefully it will be a good crossing and save us some miles.

We headed to our warmshowers host an eco focused community spread across two next door houses. We had pizza at Chill on the Hill which was free music in the park it was really good and a great community atmosphere. It was good to learn about the eco community before heading to bed. It really has been a long time since we have camped it is going to be a shock.

I forgot to say that we tried our hosts recumbent bikes this morning before we left it was very different but I could see how it could become comfortable, it just didn’t seem to stable at first and it was like I had never ridden a bike before. I also forgot to say that as we were riding from the ferry office to the house were we are staying there was like a exhibition which comprised of signs of all the famous things in Milwaukee.

IMG00789-20110830-1335 IMG00792-20110830-1635 IMG00793-20110830-1637 IMG00794-20110830-1637 IMG00795-20110830-1639

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