Day off in Brisbane and on to Coolangatta

Yesterday we had the day of in Brisbane, we drove into the city centre to drop some clothes of at our hosts work place.

We then headed to elite bikes where I brought a replacement rear tyre. I went for a Maxxis Overdrive elite, there was quite a good selection in the shop but not loads of choice for the width I wanted. I shall see how this tyre goes, hopefully it will last longer than the last one.

After this we drove some of the route we would be riding out of the city, this was useful as finding the way out of cities can be hard. We headed to the beach and got some chips before heading back to Brisbane and to our hosts house. The chips had this thing called chicken salt on them, I am not to sure what this is, it didn’t make them take all that chickeny, but they did taste fairly good.

On the drive back we picked up two pies from a drive in pie shop, steak and apricot that’s too separate pies not a steak and apricot pie, which might work.

We got home sorted a few things out and the pies were heated up as well as some lovely roasted vegetables. We had a look at some maps and route options, before heading to bed.

It was a good day and we got to chat a lot with our hosts which was good.

After our day off it was time for an early start. We followed the good direction of the V1 cycle route our of Brisbane to the coast it was a good route and well signed. There were a lot of road cyclist that over took us on the way, they were all friendly and said their hellos it was good.

We cover the distance to the coast fairly quickly and got to Surfer Paradise in time for lunch, on the beach. The city was fairly built up with a lot of high rises, that put the beech into shade fairly early on in the day. It seemed like a very expensive fashion town, seemed a little out of place in our cycling gear and with our bikes.

After a fairly long lunch we headed on to Coolengatta, where we met our hosts. They had done a lot of cycle touring all over the world and it was very interesting to chat to them, they had some good ideas about america. We had a good dinner before preparing our route down to Sydney only about 900kms to go!

I fear this blog may not make much sense as I am fairly tired and we have been doing lots of route planing on lots of different maps that we have collected.

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